Business Opportunities

Although the global economic crisis has hit companies hard in Spain, it also throws up interesting business opportunities for investors who wish to expand their operations into a low cost, developed market. With the economy finally showing the first timid signs of recovery, financial advisors are recommending Spain as an interesting area for new investment. Many local businesses have already taken the steps they need to survive, but with cash flows critical and local finance still in short supply, companies are more open to look to foreign capital to see them through.
This can therefore be an opportunity for foreign companies and investors to expand in to a new market of 40 million consumers, or for example to set up low cost service companies with experienced personnel, currently available in large supply and at economic rates in view of the high unemployment levels in the country. Spain can also be a stepping stone to other markets in for example Portugal, Central and South America, and also the North of Africa.
bizSpains business development division can help you identify such opportunities and can assist in negotiations with potential partners, as well as leading you through all the necessary steps to set up and monitor your new operations in the country once these have been agreed.
If project finance is required, we can also assist you in locating the right type of finance, either through local or international institutions.

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