Crisis Management

Spain had been hit as hard as any country by the global economic crisis, and since 2008 companies have had to face drops in sales, reduction of bank facilities and extended delays and defaults in customer collection, amongst other problems. Despite optimistic claims made by the government, recovery is timid and even based on their assumptions, Spanish GDP will not return to its pre-crisis level before 2017. Under such difficult conditions, most enterprises are still having to make difficult decisions to cut costs, restructure their organization and close down operations.
At such times professional advice is paramount to getting it right, and we have been helping companies to adjust throughout this challenging period. With a hands-on approach, our experienced managers can work together with your local team to find the right solutions and see them through to fruition. As a small but well established independent company, we can adapt quickly to your internal requirements, and can bring in top level outside advisors in all fields where necessary.
In particular, we can assist in the following areas:

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